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Covering the Antwerp ring road… Infrastructure Project or City Project? (in English)

Peter Vermeulen (Ringland),

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The project to cover the Antwerp ring road (the largest infrastructure project in Europe) is not only an elaborate solution to the disastrous mobility issues around the port city: it is an ‘extraordinary city project’ and a unique opportunity for the development of the city in the 21st century. The project will improve the quality of life for the neighbourhoods (today affected by noise and polluted air from ring road traffic). It will also increase the amount of green space (80% of the area will be transformed into a park) as part of the urban development around the public transport stations (train, metro, tram) in the ring road area. Twenty years of discussions and citizens’ movements (Ringland and others) have resulted in the ‘big change’. Today, citizens’ movements, government, administrations and other relevant partners are working together on the city of the future.